Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 10

 Greetings from sunny Wiener Neustadt.
The three german shows with Authority Zero and What Else?! were amazing. AZ rule and we are

really waiting to meet them back in Athens! If u plan to tour Germany u should really try

booking Martin aka The Partyboy (you will find out why).
After ten hours of night driving yesterday we arrived safely at Prague. It was like summer

there and the city was awesome! We had a show at Chapeau Rouge a three stage club just in

the heart of Old City of Prague with 1st Choice. It was a really weird show, not so crowded

but with lots of stage invasions and people dancing to our tunes.
 Woke up and travelled to Wiener Neustadt. The venue is great,we will enjoy an open air punk

rock documentary,a bbq and the main party is our show with Soey, The Caves from Uk and

Spraynard  a band that George likes very much and you should check out their latest album.
Hope it will be a blast!!


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