Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's been a while...

Hello everyone! We know it's been a long time since our last blog update but we've been really really busy and that's good because we've got lots of things to write about!

First of all we are playing a show in Athens @ Intrepid Fox on the 25th of December -yes, Christmas!- with Bombing the Avenue and Chris Kritikos (Bad Bid). Check out our promo video,an amazing work by G.N.P. Productions!

You can also check out our interview on RockInAthens.gr It's in greek but google translate will probably help you!

We are very proud to have our song "Late Night Resolutions" featured in the "International Punk Rock Superstars vol.6" compilation, released by Pinhead Records. It includes many great bands, you should check it out!

What you should also check out, is our album review on pointless critics! Seriously, check it out now!

Finally we're writing new music, we're planning a european tour for the summer of 2013 and we're also preparing an awesome video. So stay tuned!
See you on the 25th,
Wish Upon A Star

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Save Your Breath - Tour Video

Well..it's quite difficult to picture three weeks of touring in a three minute video. Touring is fun! Sometimes it's hard but definately every single moment has a great value to us individually. We met beautiful people and saw many awesome places throughout our journey. This video is dedicated to everyone who helped us, offered us a place to sleep, fed us, booked a show for us, bought a shirt, asked for a sticker, attended a show with crappy sound or came to say hi! The world seems so small after all and we will continue searching for these fine little moments of freedom..

Till next time, peace, love and dedication.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 18

 Greetings from Slovenia!
We just arrived at Koper and getting ready for the very last show of this tour.

Our day off at lovely Neustadt couldn't be better. We had a BBQ at Stephie's famous yard with Despite Everything and many locals who made us feel more than welcome. Spent our day chilling in the sun but Manouras couldnt ease his hunger for football proving he is a real goalkeeping monster! (Ask Billy and Zahos from Despite about that). The next day, after a small drive to Graz and two (!) stops from the local  police, we arrived to Sub Club. Really warm place, great backstage meal by Thom from Ants! and another show with Despite Everything, Tag Tear Rebuild and our favourite British guy Jack Holmes. There were more people than expected,we had a very good time during the show and are really sad to leave our beloved Austria. We will be back for sure!

On this tour everybody kept telling us how difficult it would be to cross the Croatian borders. Well it only took us 2 minutes,how cool guys are we? Next stop was Zagreb and Route 66 club. Awesome place with a big yard and packed from the hour we arrived. Zoran our Croatian host was incredible. We were treated like kings and the hotel room was a real shock for us. Despite a mini electricity black out in the middle of the show everything went well.
 Quick coffee at out hotel room,packing up and Slovenia here we are!! We have weird feelings seeing this tour coming to an end and we will dedicate an update for our tour summary for sure. But until then, we have another show tonight!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 15

Good evening people!
 Lots of news since our last update. The Wiener Neustadt show was very cool and afterwards we had party time at a local pub with some beers and shots. Slept at lovely Stephie's place an awesome house with a fantastic yard and a small lake. We really didnt want to leave.

Next day a quick drive to Budapest. Straight to the venue to have another gig with The Plan Beer Caves and Spraynyard. You should really check The Cave's album its one of out favourite driving soundtracks! After the show we went to a bar in the centre of the city. Suddenly and while we had a smoke outside of the bar,a neighbour started throwing water to Orfeas from her balkony and in 2 minutes a police car arrived asking what we were doing in the city but our Budapest host Magda helped us avoid any problems.Woke up,had a tour in the city,ate local food and chilled at a huge park with Eri's local friends.

In the afternoon we were supposed to have a small show at a practise room. Probably its one of the best DIY shows we' ever had. Old factory,tiny room but an awesome atmosphere! Manouras had his first crowdsurfing while playing his bass, Orfeas played with a borrowed guitar after a broken string and Panos has a twisted ankle. Good times!

Left Budapest with great memories. Back to Austria and Vienna. Really happy having a show with our good friends Despite Everything and also Planet of Zeus were in the city and met us. You should definately visit Vienna on 1st of May, there are street parties in almost every corner, music everywhere, cheap beer and happy faces. What else do you need? Our show was at an ex pizza place (!) and we had a blast. Slept at Neustadt and Stephie's place again.
Today its a day off for us and Despite Everything so we are gonna spend our day playing football, table tennis, resting at the sun and have a bbq at our favourite Neustadt yard. 

See you soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 10

 Greetings from sunny Wiener Neustadt.
The three german shows with Authority Zero and What Else?! were amazing. AZ rule and we are

really waiting to meet them back in Athens! If u plan to tour Germany u should really try

booking Martin aka The Partyboy (you will find out why).
After ten hours of night driving yesterday we arrived safely at Prague. It was like summer

there and the city was awesome! We had a show at Chapeau Rouge a three stage club just in

the heart of Old City of Prague with 1st Choice. It was a really weird show, not so crowded

but with lots of stage invasions and people dancing to our tunes.
 Woke up and travelled to Wiener Neustadt. The venue is great,we will enjoy an open air punk

rock documentary,a bbq and the main party is our show with Soey, The Caves from Uk and

Spraynard  a band that George likes very much and you should check out their latest album.
Hope it will be a blast!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 8


 Our Serbian part of the tour is over.We couldn't imagine a better start than a fully packed show in Kraljevo with Regulator. The crowd was amazing, stage diving and dancing went on all night long (we had our first 3 encores in a row (!) ). Voijkan and Nicolas' hospitality was amazing and we really enjoyed their meals and their tour through the town and Kraljevo's river.


  Next stop was Zrenjanin where Milos from All Except One and the rest of the Victims of Society crew made us feel like home. We had a couple of beers (ok we had a lot) before the show and really loved Milos' Serbian rakje. Orfeas stole the show during the after party performing his famous dance moves. Milos' drinks are still keeping us alive during our tour :)

Novi Sad
Our last show of the mini Serbian tour was at the wonderful city of Novi Sad. Bojan and Wolf from the Rebuild Collective are the best guys ever! After a tour at the city's old fortress and a great vegetarian meal by Njanja we wad a really good show with Fast As We Go Far and Lilla Horea and then a great time at the Black Sheep! (local underground bar) with a huge collection of vinyls.
 In the morning  Asteris and Panos had a nice meeting with the local authorities and after 11 hours of driving we arrived in Germany.

Last night we had our first gig in Germany (Koblenz). It was a great experience sharing the stage with Authority Zero, What Else!? and Society Off.We offered them some Ouzo and they really enjoyed it! In a few hours we'll be in Frankfurt for our next show.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 3

Hello everyone!

After a long trip from Thessaloniki yesterday, we're now in Kraljevo, Serbia and are staying at the office of Positive Youth where the people are great and very hospitable! Tonight we're playing our first show outside of Greece, at the Rock Club bounty with "Regulator".
We had a great time in Thessaloniki on Wednesday's show with Absent at Apyra Moria  and want to thank everyone who showed up. It was a great way to start our tour!

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

See you on the road!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since our last post but we've been very busy,getting ready for our European Tour.
First of all we want to thank everyone who made it to our release show, we had a great time!
Special thanks goes to the bands Bandage and Bad Bid that were there with us and the DJs WAK, Panos and RockNRolla for the all-night party that followed the show!

Tomorrow we're leaving Greece as a band for the first time. Words can't explain how great we feel about it! If all goes well, we'll be back in May for a show with Authority Zero in Athens.

Until then you can listen to our album on our new bandcamp page.
And if you want a break from that, you might want to check out a great punk rock compilation called “Fucking The Nation Every Day vol.2” which features our song “Clinic”. The guys at punkrockers-radio.de did a fantastic job putting this together and we are honoured to be part of it!

While on tour, we'll try to post updates on our blog as often as possible so stay tuned!

See you on the road!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wish Upon A Star European spring tour 2012 + New song!!!

We are super happy to announce our first european tour, following our second release called Something to Hold Onto!! We had a great time recording the album and we are looking forward to releasing all this energy and excitement.

Tour Dates

18/4 Salonica/Greece –Fuzz Bar w/Absent
20/4 Kraljevo /Serbia – Rock Club Bounty w/ Deca
21/4 Zrenjanin/Serbia – Mamurno Magare w/ Crazy But Not Insane
22/4 Novi Sad/Serbia – CK13 w/Fast As We Get Far
24/4 Koblenz/Germany- Circus Maximus w/Authority Zero, What Else?!
25/4 Frankfurt/Germany – 11er Club w/Authority Zero , What Else?!
26/4 Cologne/Germany – MTS w/ Authority Zero , What Else?!
27/4 Prague/ Czech Republic  - Chapeau Rouge w/1st Choice , Stay Subway
28/4 Wiener Neustad /Austria – Triebwerk w/ Spraynard, Caves
29/4 Budapest/Hungary - Szabad az Á w/ Spraynard, Caves, Plan Beer
02/5 Vienna/Austria – TBA
03/5 Graz/Austria – SUB w/ Tag Tear Rebuild
04/5 Zagreb/Croatia – Club Spank w/TBA
05/5 Koper/Slovenia – Pub 33
11/5 Athens/Greece - An Club w/Authority Zero, Middle Fingers High

 New Song from the upcoming album "Something to Hold Onto"         
 The Fine Line

  See you on the road folks.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wish Upon A Star Release Show !!!

Στις 7 Απριλίου 1933 έληξε η ποτοαπαγόρευση στην Αμερική
Στις 7 Απριλίου 1954 γεννήθηκε ο Τσάκι Τσαν
Στις 7 Απριλίου 2012 ΞΑΝΑΓΡΑΦΕΤΑΙ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΑ!!!!!

Μετά απο τόνους χυμένου ιδρώτα στο
studio οι Wish Upon A Star λίγο πριν αναχωρήσουν για το ευρωπαικό τους τουρ βρίσκονται στην περήφανη θέση να παρουσιάσουν τον καινούργιο τους δίσκο !!
Είναι γνωστό οτι τα live των WUAS συνοδεύονται απο ίντριγκες, happenings και πάσης φύσεως απρόοπτες καταστάσεις άρα δεν θέλεις να το χάσεις, ΘΕΛΕΙΣ ???

H μυσταγωγία θα λάβει χώρα στο Jasmin Rock Club και την παρασουσίαση προλογίζουν οι Bandage και οι Bad Bid..

Την τελετή λήξης παρουσιάζουν οι djs : WAK - ROCKNROLLA - Panos για όσους το λέει η καρδούλα τους...

Οι πόρτες για το ανυπόμονο πλήθος ανοίγουν στις 21:00

Το εισιτήριο στα 3 ΕΥΡΩ ( πιο φτηνό και απο ένα πακέτο τσιγάρα)


Bad Bid:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Can't wait for Sunday night!

Hello all!

Sunday's show with Dead to Me and Bandage is closing in and we're very happy about this!
More info about it can be found by clicking here.
Also if you want, you can read our interview on platform.gr (it's in greek) by clicking here.

Soon we'll have news for you about our tour dates and release show so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We're finally done recording!

photo by Chris(http://88i88.tumblr.com/)
Hello all!

After one month at the studio we've finished recording everything. The final recording session, on Tuesday night, was a party at Studio Esoteron! Many of our friends were there singing, or better yet screaming, for our new album. Thank you for this guys and girls!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dead to Me live @ An Club on February 19th w/Bandage, Wish Upon A Star

Hello all!

This is a reminder of the show on February 19th with Dead To Me and Bandage @ An Club Athens!
Check out the poster above for all the details! Also if you have a facebook account, you can follow the event by clicking here.

Finally, we're almost done recording but you'll read about that in a latter post!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First post for 2012

Well it's January 4th but after New Year's day hangover, we hit the studio to record guitars so we didn't have time -or a clear head- to post something sooner!
So first and foremost:

Happy New Year guys and girls! Hopefuly this year will be better than 2011 for everyone!

Last Friday's show was amazing! We enjoyed it a lot and we are very happy to have shared the stage with friends for this special event!Another One Falls, Middle Fingers High and Endsight were great! Thank you everyone for being there! Our next stop is An Club, Athens supporting Dead to Me on February 19th!