Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something to Hold Onto Spring Tour Day 18

 Greetings from Slovenia!
We just arrived at Koper and getting ready for the very last show of this tour.

Our day off at lovely Neustadt couldn't be better. We had a BBQ at Stephie's famous yard with Despite Everything and many locals who made us feel more than welcome. Spent our day chilling in the sun but Manouras couldnt ease his hunger for football proving he is a real goalkeeping monster! (Ask Billy and Zahos from Despite about that). The next day, after a small drive to Graz and two (!) stops from the local  police, we arrived to Sub Club. Really warm place, great backstage meal by Thom from Ants! and another show with Despite Everything, Tag Tear Rebuild and our favourite British guy Jack Holmes. There were more people than expected,we had a very good time during the show and are really sad to leave our beloved Austria. We will be back for sure!

On this tour everybody kept telling us how difficult it would be to cross the Croatian borders. Well it only took us 2 minutes,how cool guys are we? Next stop was Zagreb and Route 66 club. Awesome place with a big yard and packed from the hour we arrived. Zoran our Croatian host was incredible. We were treated like kings and the hotel room was a real shock for us. Despite a mini electricity black out in the middle of the show everything went well.
 Quick coffee at out hotel room,packing up and Slovenia here we are!! We have weird feelings seeing this tour coming to an end and we will dedicate an update for our tour summary for sure. But until then, we have another show tonight!


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